Elite Private strategy & Instagram Training + 2 months coaching

Elite Private strategy & Instagram Training + 2 months coaching

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In two months we will transform you, your business and your social media into the business which makes you smile every day. 

Change your mindset will eventually change your world

I will show you how you can turn you instagram into a tool which can help you bring your dreams come true!

You will learn everything from me, Viola founder and owner of EquiNL. Let me help you create a stunning business and instagram account!! Want to learn how I went from 0 to over 200.000 followers?

In this private's training I will learn you everything I know based on years of experience.

- I will analyze your business and instagram account

- we start with a strategy day to make a plan for the coming two months

- social media day 3-4 hours I will show/learn you everything I know (no secrets for you after this training 😉) You will be inspired to and see all the opportunities of Instagram and can't wait to start you journey with all your followers.

- You will get 8 hours coaching calls spread over 2 months

- You can contact me on whatsapp every day with questions

Result: You will love your business and Instagram like never before, your business and account will grow and you will reach your goal

AND very important you will reach your goal  



This training can be given in private in two ways:

- I can visit you (comes with travel costs)

- We can do the training by Zoom